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Unique planks and original essences characterised by the typical effects of time.


Axi interprets, in a contemporary way, different wood essences enhanced by the natural ravages of time on surfaces rich in intriguing chromatic contrasts. 


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only - Please note: Sizes are only available in some colours - Check with store

AXI Brown Chestnut

AXI Brown Chestnut Matt 25x150

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AXI Dark Oak

AXI Dark Oak Matt 225x90

AXI Dark Oak Matt 15x90

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AXI Golden Oak

AXI Golden Oak Chestnut Matt 25x150

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AXI Grey Timber

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AXI Silver Fir

AXI Silver Fir Matt 25x150

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AXI White Pine

AXI White Pine Matt 225x90

AXI White Pine Matt 15x90

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Packaging Information

25 X 150mm

m2 per box: 1.125m2

m2 per pallet: 33.75m2

weight per m2: 22.22kg