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Disk Series


For the Disk collection, Class Tile based the development of the design on a "Colour based system", that allows a precisely match shades in order to create a chromatic and hamonic bond between ceramics and design whether it is with furniture, textile, wall finishes and wall paintings.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only          

Disk Anthracite

Galileo Disk Antracite 30x60

Galileo Disk Antracite 60x60

Galileo Disk Antracite 35x40

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Disk Beige

Disk Beige 30x60

Disk Beige 60x60

Disk Beige 35x40

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Disk Brown

Disk Brown 30x60

Disk Brown 60x60

Disk Brown 35x40

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Disk Grey

Disk Grey 30x60

Disk Grey 60x60

Disk Grey 35x40

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Sizes Available

300 X 600mm

350 X 400mm

600 X 600mm




Disk Range

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