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Duomo Series


Textures reveal and complement the space.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only        

Duomo Beige

Dumo Beige Natural 44.3x88.8

Duomo Beige Honed 29.5x59.2

Duomo Beige Honed 59.2x59.2

Duomo Beige Natural 59.2x59.2

Duomo Beige Natural 29.5x29.5

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Duomo Branco

Duomo Branco Natural 44.3x88.8

Duomo Branco Honed 29.5x59.2

Duomo Branco Honed 59.2x59.2

Duomo Branco Natural 59.2x59.2

Duomo Branco Natural 29.5x29.5

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Duomo Cinza

Duomo Cinza Natural 44.3x88.8

Duomo Cinza Honed 29.5x59.2

Duomo Cinza Honed 59.2x59.2

Dumo Cinza Natural 59.2x59.2

Duomo Cinza Natural 29.5x29.5

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Duomo Preto

Duomo Preto Natural 44.3x88.8

Duomo Preto Honed 29.5x59.2

Duomo Preto Honed 59.2x59.2

Duomo Preto Natural 59.2x59.2

Duomo Preto Natural 29.5x29.5

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Sizes Available

295 X 295mm

295 X 592mm

443 X 888mm

592 X 592mm




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