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Elegance Series


Rigorous, practical, essential, Elegance is complete project of glazed porcelain, available in five contemporary colours - Light, Silver, Dust, Dark and Taupe.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only          

Elegance Dark

Elegance Dark Matt 60x60

Elegance Dark Matt 30x60

Elegance Dark Matt 30x30

Elegance Dust

Elegance Dust Matt 60x60

Elegance Dust Matt 30x60

Elegance Dust Matt 30x30

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Elegance Light

Elegance Light Matt 60x60

Elegance Light Matt 30x60

Elegance Light Matt 30x30

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Elegance Silver

Elegance Silver Matt 60x60

Elegance Silver Matt 30x60

Elegance Silver Matt 30x30

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Elegance Taupe

Elegance Taupe Matt 60x60

Elegance Taupe Matt 30x60

Elegance Taupe Matt 30x30

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Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

450 X 900mm

600 X 600mm





Indicative Slip Rating

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Elegance Series

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