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INCA Series


Premium quality rectified and non-recified ceramic tiles.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only - Please note: Sizes are only available in some colours - Check with store

INCA Alabaster

INCA Gloss Alabaster 30x60

INCA Matt Alabaster 30x30

INCA Carrara

INCA Carrara Gloss 30x60

INCA Carrara Matt 30x30

INCA Light Travertine

INCA Light Travertine Gloss 30x60

INCA Light Travertine Matt 30x30


INCA Lily Gloss 30x60

INCA Lily Matt 30x30

INCA Sand Stone Grey

INCA Sand Stone Grey Gloss 30x60

INCA Sand Stone Grey Matt 30x30

INCA Travertine Medium

INCA Travertine Medium Gloss 30x60

INCA Travertine Medium Matt 30x30

INCA White

INCA White Matt 30x90

INCA White Gloss 30x90

INCA White Matt 30.8x60.8

INCA White Gloss 30x60

INCA White Matt 30x60

INCA White Matt 30x30

Info box:

Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

300 X 900mm

Packaging Information

300 X 300mm

m2 per box: 1.35m2

m2 per pallet: 48.6m2

weight per m2: 18.5kg

300 X 600mm

m2 per box: 1.44m2

m2 per pallet: 86.4m2

weight per m2: 18.52kg

300 X 900mm

m2 per box: 1.35m2

m2 per pallet: 43.2m2

weight per m2: 18.52kg





INCA Series