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Natural colours and veining, deep shades and transparent cloud effects: the Marvel coloured in body porcelain stoneware recreates the surfaces of the most sought-after marble with surprising realism.



Colour Available

Color samples are indication only - Please note: Sizes are only available in some colours - Check with store

Marvel Calacatta Extra

Marvel Calacatta Extra Matt 45x90

Marvel Calacatta Extra 30.5x56

Marvel Calacatta Extra Matt 60x60

Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato 59x59

Marvel Calacatta 60x60 Lappato

Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato 120x240 (Coming Soon)

Marvel Calacatta Extra Mosaico 30.5x30.5

Marvel Calacatta Extra Mosaico Lappato 30x30

Marvel Calacatta Extra 60x60 Lappato

Marvel Calacatta Extra 30x60 Matt

Photo Gallery

Marvel Pietra Grey

Marvel Pietra Grey Matt 45x90

Marvel Pietra Grey Lappato 44x88

Marvel Pietra Grey Lappato 30x60

Marvel Pietra Grey Matt 60x60

Marvel Pietra Grey Lappato 59x59

Marvel Pietra Grey Lappato 120x240

Marvel Pietra Grey Mosaico 30x30

Marvel Pietra Grey Mosaico 3D 30x30

Marvel Pietra Grey Matt 30x60

Marvel Pietra Grey Lappato 60x60

Photo Gallery

Marvel Silver Dream

Marvel Silver Dream Mosaic 30.5x56

Marvel Silver Dream 30.5x30.5

Photo Gallery

Info box:

Sizes Available

295 X 590mm

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

305 X 560mm

450 X 900mm

590 X 590mm

600 X 600mm

Packaging Information

295 X 590mm

m2 per box: 1.0443m2

m2 per pallet: 41.772m2

weight per m2: 21.5kg

450 X 900mm

m2 per box: 1.215m2

m2 per pallet: 43.74m2

weight per m2: 23.65kg

590 X 590mm

m2 per box: 1.04m2

m2 per pallet: 37.44m2

weight per m2: 21.5kg

600 X 600mm

m2 per box: 1.08m2

m2 per pallet: 38.88m2

weight per m2: 21.5kg



Gloss Ceramic


Lappato Porcelain


3D Porcelain

Indicative Slip Rating

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