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Marvel Stone


Marble-effect and stone-effect surfaces: naturally together


Harmoniously matched floor and wall surfaces inspired by marble and stone where exciting materials are mixed in many hues and gloss and matt finishes.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only - Please note: Sizes are only available in some colours - Check with store

MarvelStone Bardiglio Grey

MarvelStone Bardiglio Grey 30x60 Matt

MarvelStone Bardiglio Grey 60x60 Matt

MarvelStone Bardiglio Grey 45x90 Lappato

MarvelStone Bardiglio Grey Twist 30.5x30.5

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MarvelStone Bianco Dolomite

MarvelStone Bianco Dolomite 45x90 Lappato

MarvelStone Chevron Warm Wall 30.5x25

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MarvelStone Cardoso

MarvelStone Cardoso 75x150 Matt

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MarvelStone Carrara Pure

MarvelStone Marvel Carrara Pure Twist 30.5x30.5

MarvelStone Clauzetto White

MarvelStone Clauzetto White 75x150 Matt

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MarvelStone Cream

MarvelStone Cream 30x60 Matt

MarvelStone Cream 60x60 Matt

MarvelStone Desert Beige

MarvelStone Desert Beige 75x150 Matt

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MarvelStone Nero Marquin

MarvelStone Nero Marquina 45x90 Lappato

MarvelStone Nero Marquina Twist 30.5x30.5

MarvelStone Chevron Cold Wall 30.5x25

MarvelStone Nero Marquina 30x60 Matt

MarvelStone Nero Marquina 60x60 Matt

Info box:

Packaging Information

300 X 600mm

m2 per box: 1.26m2

m2 per pallet: 43.2m2

weight per m2: 22.67kg

600 X 600mm

m2 per box: 1.08m2

m2 per pallet: 43.2m2

weight per m2: 19.67kg

750 X 1500mm

m2 per box: 1.125m2

m2 per pallet: 28.13m2

weight per m2: 22.22kg

450 X 900mm

m2 per box: 1.215m2

m2 per pallet: 43.74m2

weight per m2: 23.65kg