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Millennium - BME

Millennium BME Series


Timeless earth colours with decors to suit. Super Flat, Super Smooth.

Millennium - BME

Colour Available

Color samples are indication only          

Millennium Earth

Millennium Earth Matt 60x60

Millennium Earth Matt 30x60

Millennium Earth Matt 30x30

Millennium Lava

Millennium Lava Matt 60x60

Millennium Lava Matt 30x60

Millennium Lava Matt 30x30

Millennium Pumice

Millennium Pumice Matt 60x60

Millennium Ash Matt 30x60

Millennium Ash Matt 30x30

Info box:

Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

600 X 600mm



Rectangle Decor

Square Decor

Linear Decor

Indicative Slip Rating

BME16-60 0.65 ZF Test Slip.pdf


Millennium Range BME Series

Millennium BME - Catalogue.pdf BME PDF Summary.pdf