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Overland Series


An extensive range suitable from bathroom to main floor to external. Double loaded stain resistant quality with ever evolving colours.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only           

Overland Baci Polished

Overland Baci Polished 60x60

Overland Baci Polished 30x60

Overland Baci Polished 30x30

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Overland Charcoal Polished

Overland Charcoal Polished 60x60

Overland Charcoal Polished 30x60

Overland Charcoal Polished Decor 30x60

Overland Charcoal Polished 30x30

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Overland Latte Polished

Overland Latte Polished 60x60

Overland Latte Polished Decor 30x60

Overland Latte Polished 30x60

Overland Latte Polished 30x30

Overland Mocha Polished

Overland Mocha Polished 60x60

Overland Mocha Polished 30x60

Overland Mocha Polished 30x30

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Overland Shell Stone

Overland Shell Stone 60x60

Overland Shell Stone 30x60

Overland Shell Stone 30x30

Overland Silver Polished

Overland Silver Polished 60x60

Overland Silver Polished 30x60

Overland Silver Polished Decor 30x60

Overland Silver Polished 30x30

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Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

600 X 600mm