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Picca Series


Piccadilly in London Notting Hill building stone for the creation of prototypes. The texture is rough and the shading color, closer to the original physical properties.


With some pits touch, the overall occurrence of primitive simplicity, heavy feeling.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only          

Picca Ash

Picca Ash 60x60 Matt

Picca Ash 30x60 Matt

Picca Ash 30x30 Matt

Picca Ash Hexagon

Picca Ash 30x60 Matt

Photo Gallery

Picca Grigio

Picca Grigio 60x60 Matt

Picca Grigio 30x60 Matt

Picca Grigio 30x30 Matt

Picca Grigio Hexagon

Picca Grigio Herringbone

Picca Marfil

Picca Marfil 60x60 Matt

Picca Marfil 30x60 Matt

Picca Marfil 30x30 Matt

Picca Marfil Hexagon

Picca Marfil Herringbone

Photo Gallery

Picca Marrone

Picca Marrone 60x60 Matt

Picca Marrone 30x60 Matt

Picca Marrone 30x30 Matt

Picca Marrone Hexagon

Picca Marrone Herringbone

Picca Nero

Picca Nero 60x60 Matt

Picca Nero 30x60 Matt

Picca Nero 30x30 Matt

Picca Nero Hexagon

Picca Nero Herringbone

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Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

600 X 600mm






Picca Series

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