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Adore Series

A collection with a strong and versatile personality, Adore is the perfect solution to plan bathrooms and wellness areas emboding a distinct character and a lively.


Colour Available

Color samples are indication only - Please note: Sizes are only available in some colours - Check with store

Adore Cocoa

Adore Cocoa Wall Paper 30.5x56

Adore Cocoa Twist 30.5x56

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Adore Flame

Adore Flame Flower 30.5x56

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Adore Moon

Adore Moon Wallpaper 30.5x56

Adore Navy

Adore Navy Pattern 30.5x560

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Adore Night

Adore Night Wallpaper 30.5x56

Adore Night Twist 30.5x56

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Info box:

Sizes Available

305 X 305mm

305 X 560mm

Packaging Information

30.5 X 560mm

m2 per box: 1.0248m2

m2 per pallet: 41m2

weight per m2: 18kg





Adore Series

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