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An evolved ceramic surface takes inspiration from a selection of natural stone slabs with a minimal look, characterised by varied and variegated fossil traces.






Colour Available

Color samples are indication only          

Seastone Black

Seastone Black Matt 45x90

Seastone Black External 22.5x90

Seastone Black Matt 75x75

Seastone Black External 22.5x90

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Seastone Greige

Seastone Greige Matt 45x90

Seastone Greige External 22x.5x90

Seastone Greige Matt 75x75

Seastone Greige Mosaico 3D 30x30

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Seastone Grey

Seastone Grey 45x90

Seastone Grey External 22.5x90

Seastone Grey 75x75

Seastone Grey Mosaico 3D 30x30

Seastone Sand

Seastone Sand 45x90

Seastone Sand External 22.5x90

Seastone Sand 75x75

Seastone Sand Mosaico 3D 30x30

Seastone White

Seastone White Matt 45x90

Seastone White External 22.5x90

Seastone White Matt 75x75

Seastone White Mosaico 3D 30x30

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Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

450 X 900mm



3D Mosaic