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Enzo (NEW)



There is no denying the gradeur of stone. Be inspired by our colection of stone designs, exclusively created to bring elegance and beauty to your home.


V3 Moderate

Enzo (NEW)

Colour Available

Color samples are indication only - Please note: Sizes are only available in some colours - Check with store

Enzo Cinder

Enzo Cinder 30x30 Surfacetec

Enzo Cinder 30x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Cinder 60x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Cinder 60x120 Surfacetec

Enzo Cinder 30x60 Lappato

Enzo Cinder 60x60 Lappato

Enzo Cinder 60x120 Lappato

Enzo Cinder 60x60 20mm Paver

Enzo Coal

Enzo Coal 30x30 Surfacetec

Enzo Coal 30x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Coal 60x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Coal 60x120 Surfacetec

Enzo Coal 30x60 Lappato

Enzo Coal 60x60 Lappato

Enzo Coal 60x120 Lappato

Enzo Coal Chevron 26.06x7.3

Enzo Coal Hexagon 26.5x30.5

Enzo Coal Subway 7.5x30

Enzo Coal 60x60 20mm Paver

Enzo Moon

Enzo Moon 30x30 Surfacetec

Enzo Moon 30x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Moon 60x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Moon 60x120 Surfacetec

Enzo Moon 30x60 Lappato

Enzo Moon 60x60 Lappato

Enzo Moon 60x120 Lappato

Enzo Moon Subway 7.5x30

Enzo Moon Chevron 7.5x30

Enzo Moon Hexagon 7.5x30

Enzo Moon 60x60 20mm Paver

Enzo Sand

Enzo Sand 30x30 Surfacetec

Enzo Sand 30x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Sand 60x60 Surfacetec

Enzo Sand 60x120 Surfacetec

Enzo Sand 30x60 Lappato

Enzo Sand 60x60

Enzo Sand 60x120 Lappato

Enzo Sand 60x60 20mm Paver

Enzo Sand Chevron 26.06x7.3

Enzo Sand Hexagon 26.5x30.5

Enzo Sand Subway 7.5x30

Info box:

Sizes Available

300 X 300mm

300 X 600mm

600 X 1200mm



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